About Us


We are familiar with what is fashionable, both domestically and abroad, among participants of LARPs. Our products are sold in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Croatia, the USA, Italy and, of course, Poland. For us, the most important things are unique design and high quality.

The way we work

First of all, we focus on what our you need. While preparing our offer, we make sure that the quality, price, and design of the product match the requirements of our customer. We value our customers and we do our utmost to take all we agree with them into account. It is only natural that we develop new series and ranges of products (based on their price and quality) for wholesale buyers. Please take a look of our rich offer for individual clients.

Faun-Forge Adam Chodaczek
Szkolna 6
48200 Laka Prudnicka
phone: +48 601 254 143

NIP: PL 898 19 53 607 (vat number)
REGON: 932836151

IBAN: PL 68 1090 2226 0000 0001 2124 2823 (EURO)

IBAN: 85 1090 2226 0000 0001 1218 0389 (PLN)