Terms of use


For our products, we use natural cowhide or calf-hide. Most products of the 1st Level Series are made with the use of leather tanned with the use of chrome (such leather is typically used for making shoes and belts). They are water resistant and are highly resistant to wear.  Rivets and leatherworking tools are either Polish or imported from Italy. Products of the High Level Series are made with the use of hides tanned with vegetal dyes. They are painted manually and maintained with polishes similar, in terms of their contents, to bee wax. Products of this series "breathe" better and they do not cause excessive sweating. But has limited colour durability and will worn off in more leatherish maner than 1st level series.


All products we make will endure for many years. Rivets are carefully bent with the use of manual presses – this results in joints being virtually indestructible, at least under regular circumstances. Hide we choose, both when purchasing raw material and when selecting patterns, are all high quality. We try and spot any damage of the surface of, weak points of and holes in the material we buy. On average, our products last for about 6-10 years.


We offer you a guarantee of 2 years, including the service of our products. The guarantee covers breaking of the rivets, clasps, and belts, and tears of the leather. The guarantee does not cover broken fastening lacings and damage resulting from our products being improperly used (swiming, forged metal sword abuse, chewed by animals) . All shipment costs connected with complaints are borne by the client. After guaranty end we offer lifetime maintance service and colour replenishment.

How to maintain our products

Like all items made of leather, they should first and foremost be protected against dampness. Natural leather may rot when soaked in water for a duration of time. After every use, the product should be returned to its natural shape and dried. Leather is "shape-wise" so our products should be transported and stored without bending or squashing them. Do not use any leather lubricants or waxes! Those chemical products are mostly produced to repair cracked clothing leather - they dont work with our product very well. Our armors dont need any aditional maintance - but if you experiance rought wornout of surface you can ask our staff for repainting.


Payment and shipment


You have to transfer to us a downpaymant 100% of the total value of the order before we sent your goods.