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Q: How do I attach pauldons?
A: With provided laceing just as you see on you product picture.


Q: Can you modify this armor piece?
A: in most cases yes, for more advenced product choice we have Customizer - it will let you chose from things like hardware colour to shape of the pauldrons and number of addons.


Q: What is a rivet, stud, eyelet ?
A: Those are rivets, they are made from steel, they are covered by nickel, they are used to connect armour parts.

Those are eyelets, they are for keep lace holes stronger and more practical:

Q: Why dont you use leather strap instead of laceing?
A: We make leather items since year 1999, after those years we tested numbers of many solutions, and belive me leather strap may look nice but is the dirties, most weak and for sure most uncomfortable way to tie anything. Laces are far more durable and practical.


Q: Where you takeing leather/hardware/paint from?
A: From a store. As a producer and seller I have no interest from giveing this kind of information and it is most likely they will not help You as we supply mostly in Polish stores. if you wish to start a leather crafting adventure, google out "Tandy Leather"  it is a good place to find tools and leather and also a leather crafting books.

Q: I am looking something in you offer it but cant find, do you have it?
A: Maybe :) , our store can be confuseing and product quanity can be massive I will look up for you or we can make a brand new product for you.

Q: Whare are you from?
A: from here!

Q: I want to buy something but store will not calculate shipping cost for me, why?
A: I am sorry, maybe we missed you zip code or messed with calculateing shipping costs, please write me an email (find it in Contact section on top menu) , we will fix this problem asap!

Q: Why I have to pay aditional for some colour?
A: Some of paints are rare and unique in our workshop, and we use them once a year or less. To achive  violet or camo we need to mix few other indgreadients only for one product. There is also isue with picking right leather for a product material - some paints like blue does not like material stored for too loong. We need to find very fresh material for this special project.

Q: CUSTOMIZER  is a bit clumsy, can I have more options in there?
A: Sure You can, let us know by email, we will update the options for You!

Q: Will you make this item as soon as ASAP? ;)
A: To lazy, sorry!

Q: Ok, but what's the usual production time? ;)
A:  A simple belt can be done in few days or a week. But full armor can take us 2-3 weeks. 1st level items are made quite fast.

Q: My buckle just broke. I didn't even used this item yet?
A: Thats a bummer, please send a picture of broken part, will send replacement in no time, and let know what to do next! We are very sorry if such situations occures, Metal parts are not our production and we cannot track its qualit, but we are always willing to replace/repair our item. Please help use to help you. :)

Q: Is moon made of cheese?
A: Dono, is it?