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To all you little rebels!  We are willing to help you save some tokens and let you do your armor yourself.  :)

In next months you could expect to find here  parts and kits for armor - ready to asembly. All of them in our setting system wich helps to mix different armor pats as they were one. Little of them will need any skill of cutting or sewing.

Over all those years we develop designs so easy to asembly that most of the parts need only a basic skill of riveting to get results. Which can be develop in few minutes of practise.
In next months you could also find here full videos for all presented products, with step by step instructions.

In most we wish to help you build you first armor and as a craftsmens we are awere that mistakes and minor failures are common, thats why we provide spare parts for reapairs. Haveing in mind that all of the half-products are quite small and flat in shape, you can find all extended shipments to be fairly less costly than a mundan full boxed items.

Good luck!

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Polyamide Hammer

Polyamide Hammer

Custom made hammer - machined on lathe. Handle made from aluminium  PA6 standar, head of the ha..


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