Leather Tsuba

Some of you like to have all fingers intact or at least not broken to much. Leather tsuba on your bokken can bring you some aesthetic joy and keep your fingers in defeult shape.

For now, we have mainly Aikido themed Tsuba, if you like to crush your enemies in Kendo style with Shinai, and need more protection, just let us know. This section is fully customizable, each tsuba can be as unique as you ask for. So if colurs are dull, ask for more, if you want custom tooling design, ask for it too. You can of corse click the simpliest and modest options there are and we be happy to deliver good craft for You.

Tsuba for bokken

Tsuba for bokken

Our Tsubas are cuted, glued (each layer)  and hand sewn with very strong thread. Outside edge i..


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