Great female worrior armour set. Perfect for any class and character. It has ornamental adorments and practical shape. Armor consist many disasembled parts. Top is worn separately and work indenpendent from the rest of the set. Pauldrons can be replaced too. Corset works on its own, and can be worn as a single addon for any costume. Hip-tassets can be unfastened from the coreset easyly. Bracers have soft selude under wrist part. A simple collar to fullfil the set.

Material: Natural Leather, Cattle Hide - Vegetable Tanned. Hand painted.

  • Small-Medium Size:
  • chest: 84-110cm
  • cup size: A-C
  • waist: 65-80cm
  • bracers-wrist: 14cm +
  • Medium-Large Size:
  • chest: 100-130cm
  • cup size: C-F
  • waist: 80-100cm
  • bracers-wrist: 14cm +

Wearing comfort:   ****
How easy to get dressed: **
Possible to dress by oneself: No, coresets is tricky as well as the top of armor.
Dressing up speed: ***
Use of single handed wepons: ********
Use two handed weapons: ****
Use of shield: ********
Acrobatics: **
How easy armor is stored/packed:****

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Umbra Armor

  • Brand: Faun-Forge
  • Product Code: umb_armor
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  • 400.00€

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