Armor has fully independent top and deatachable pauldrons. Standalone corset have separate tassets. Corset for its own has widely adjusted fastxening behind.

Material: Natural Leather, Cattle Hide - Chrome Tanned. Water Resistant Colour

  • Small-Medium Size:
  • chest: 84-110cm
  • cup size: A-C
  • waist: 65-80cm
  • bracers-wrist: 14cm +

  • Medium-Large Size:
  • chest: 100-130cm
  • cup size: C-F
  • waist: 80-100cm
  • bracers-wrist: 14cm +

Wearing comfort:   ****
How easy to get dressed: **
Possible to dress by oneself: No, coresets is tricky as well as the top of armor.
Dressing up speed: ***
Use of single handed wepons: ********
Use two handed weapons: ****
Use of shield: ********
Acrobatics: **
How easy armor is stored/packed:****

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Young Umbra Armor

  • Brand: Faun-Forge
  • Product Code: umbarmor-1st
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  • 235.00€

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