For your cute warrior, a set of small armor. This little thing has some kids friendly features, like collar and armpit parts made from soft velour . Armor itself is prepared for rapid growth of a child, it has much greater size adjustments than adult version. I can expand in lenght and in wide. Three stages of size adjustments on lenght on front and four stages on back. Also three usable slots for back buckles with easy to use rivets.

Material: Natural Leather, Cattle Hide - Vegetable Tanned. Hand painted.

  • Size:
  • chest: cm
  • belt: cm
  • bracers-wrist: cm +

How easy it is to wear and use.
It should give you some view point on how the flexibility works and what is the main use of armor.  More stars = better!

Wearing comfort:   *****
How easy to get dressed: *****
Possible to dress by oneself: Not realy
Dressing up speed: *****
Use of single handed wepons: *********
Use two handed weapons: **
Use of shield: ****
Acrobatics: **
How easy armor is stored/packed:********

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Chibi Rogue Armor - custom

  • Brand: Faun-Forge
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