Our Tsubas are cuted, glued (each layer)  and hand sewn with very strong thread. Outside edge is beveled, rounded and covered with fray protection.

Layers Most can tell that three layers give enough protection, it is pleasent in touch - feels stiff and durable. Two layers keep shape very well but I suspect it will lose shape havy use. Three layers can be a bit overkill but for sure thick tsuba will keep its shape for long.

Thicknes of Tsuba direclty affects how stiff it will stay on your bokken, Slimmer Tsuba is more prone to move.

Hem Each tsuba should be threaded at least from outside to keep it durable and stiff. You can chose to have not sewn tsuba at all, layers will held by only glue itself. This may work well or may fail in short term. Its up to you how much stronger it can be.  Inner hem can make tsuba even more durable with each next bokken you put it on. Keep in mind glueing is only for manufactureing help, and it could be insufficient for long abuse.


2-layers: 6,5-7,5mm (0.27 inch)
3-layers: 10-12mm   (0.4 inch)
4-layers: 14-16mm   (0.55 inch)

Rossete Big - 91x97mm   (3.58x3.82 inch)
Rossete Small - 82x97mm (3.22x 3.82 inch)
Cross Big -89x96mm    (3.5x3.78 inch)
Cross Small - 77x94mm    (3.1x3.7 inch)

hole - 24x37 mm  (0.94x1.45 inch)

Material: Natural Leather, Cattle Hide - Vegetable Tanned. Hand painted. Polyester thread - waxed.

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Tsuba for bokken

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