Full male armour made of faulds flexibly fitted together. The set includes a broad belt (worn under the armour) from which the decorative leather straps descend down onto the hips. Thanks to the separation of the belt and the rest of the armour, the entire set allows its wearer to move about quite freely, sitting and bending over as he pleases. The breadth of the armour can be adjusted – this is done by means of loosening the lacing under the armpits – and it can therefore be worn by persons of M and L size.

Material: Natural Leather, Cattle Hide - Chrome Tanned. Water Resistant Colour

  • Size:
  • chest: 95-125cm
  • belt: 80-115cm
  • bracers-wrist: 18cm +

Wearing comfort:   **********
How easy to get dressed:  *********
Possible to dress by oneself: Yes
Dressing up speed: ********
Use of single handed wepons: **********
Use two handed weapons: **********
Use of shield: **********
Acrobatics: *********
How easy armor is stored/packed:**********

Its simple, flat and quite durable :) And has not much limitation due to the almost none of pauldrons.

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Dual Swordsman Full

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